Real Estate Private Equity

Strategy and Asset Class

Deal Strategy: Acquisitions, Developments, Value‑Add and Cash Generating

Asset Class:

  • Residential, MF, Apartment Buildings, Condominiums, Student Housing
  • Mixed Use, Lifestyle Retail, Light Industrial / Logistics, Self-Storage
  • Medical Office Value-Add

Investment Size & Horizon

  • Up to 90% of the equity stack on repeat deals
  • $2MM – $15MM Equity investment
  • 2-5 years equity investment horizon
  • Exit via Sale, Refinance, Sale or Buy Out

Investor's Position

LP passive on the day to day

Equity LP with business oriented approach and a passive operation stand

In order to provide our investors the comfort level to invest with us, they maintain veto right on major decisions:

  • Major capital events
  • Key service providers
  • Disposition

Geographical Area: Primary Markets, Secondary Markets, Tertiary Markets